Peugeot 'Le Lion', early diamond frame

Peugeot introduced this model with 'open diamond' frame 'Le Lion model B'  in 1890. In 1893 it has disappeared from the catalogue.
We know this Peugeot also in a version with a ball head. Looking at frame numbers, I think in 1891 both versions were built, but I do not have the 1891 catalogue.

This you see here is shown in the Batavus Museum in Heerenveen, Netherlands. It was repainted and renickled at some time, which is a shame, since a lot of details get lost when polishing a rusty bike.
But the bike is still there! And it shows a lot of early Peugeot details, like the original hubs, bracket, fenders, a very nice saddle. I just dislike the carbide lamp. It wasn't even invented in 1890 yet!

I made a page with Peugeot frame numbers and pages, click here to enter.